Future in Color™ Institute: Road to 2050
A Global Tech Renaissance for Economic Parity

The Future in Color Institute™ (FIC), through its Project GDPx™ , is committed to boosting the Black GDP™ by 50% in key sectors across the economy. Collaborating with investors, stakeholders, and experts, FICI produces Project GDPx™ data-driven reports to bridge gaps and unlock economic potential. Historically, the impact of the Black GDP™ has been under documented, hindering economic parity. The Future in Color™ recognizes that many marginalized communities have not had access to economic opportunity.

Project GDP(x)™ Road To 2050
A New Wealth Projection

With demographic projections showing that one in every four people globally will be of African descent by 2050, and Africa hosting the largest youth population, now is the time to capitalize on this inherent abundance to shift from consumption to production on a global scale.

1/4 humans will be African descent.
2045: USA will have multiracial majority

Future in Color ™ Institute Happenings

JUNE 18th – Juneteenth Convening in Collaboration with the Clinton Global Initiative

On the eve of Juneteenth—a day that marks the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans—the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and Future in Color Institute invite you to join us for a multi-sector roundtable event focused on strategies to enhance economic prosperity and wealth across Black communities.

MAY 21st – Project GDP(x)™  White Paper – Mayor’s Conference

The introduction of GDPx™ is not just about recognizing the economic contributions of Black communities but actively increasing their return on investment.
This global economic renaissance is geared towards accelerating production and fueling new value creation through adequate capital investment and robust policy protection. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and Future in Color™ Institute invite you to join us for a multi-sector roundtable event focused on strategies to enhance economic prosperity and wealth across Black communities.

Launch of Future in Color™ Institute Salons

We invite you to join us, bringing your insights and dedication to ensure that the “Road to 2050” campaign successfully transforms the economic futures of Black communities worldwide. Together, we can lay the foundations for a future where the global Black community harnesses its collective economic power to sustain and expand its role in the global economic landscape.

Microsoft partnership event of Black in AI & Future Economic Development

Artificial intelligence is a defining technology of our time. Over the past year we’ve begun to see how it can unlock profound possibilities for individuals, organizations and society — and it’s clear that we have only scratched the surface.

For Microsoft and our partners across industries, AI offers a generational moment to reimagine the capabilities that software and services can provide.

Your Partner in the Future of Human Centered Economic Progress

With a profound commitment to justice, equity, and the power of collective action, LeKiesha French redefines what it means to live a possible life. Her expertise, spanning over 18 years, traverses research, policy, and practice across the globe, making her a pivotal figure in the realms of tech innovation and community empowerment. As the President & CEO of PRENEURology Global Associates and the Founder of The Future in Color Initiative, she champions initiatives like playSPARK, CEO of My Life, and the Youth IncYOUbator—each a testament to her belief in the transformative power of education, technology, and mentorship.

Partners in Success, Stronger Together

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
James Baldwin
Thought Leader/Activist
The Future in Color™ looks bright. Join us on the road to 2050!